UC&CS is glad to announce the incorporation of RHC Account Advisers Ltd to their association of worldwide firms, UC&CS Global and to their network in America, UC&CS America in Bogota, Colombia.  

RHC Account Advisers Ltd. is an independent firm of consulting and advising, organised by experienced partners, and associates, whose main objective is achieve high professional standards with a compromise of excellence in service and better relationship with our clients.

Our firm has more than 15 years of experience offering integral supporting and consulting services. It is registered with the Central Board of Accountants by Registration Card No. 752 of July 18, 2002.

RHC Account Advisers Ltd. has a staff of approximately 24 professionals, specialising in the fiscal review, statutory audit, financial audit, tax audit, medical audit, systems audit, tax planning

tax accounting, annual tax assessment, financial advising, tax advisory, accounting and tax outsourcing, outsourcing legal, internal audit, valuation of companies and businesses and others.

We would like to welcome the firm which comes to strengthen our worldwide network by having a stronger presence. This will allow us to offer a broader perspective to offer future projects to the private sector, by means, of audit, tax, accounting, legal and M&A practices.