Morison KSi is pleased to announce the admission of SLIGEC  in Ronchin, Lille, in the north of France and Suga & Associates  as a member firm in Tokyo, Japan.

SLIGEC – Lille, France
SLIGEC is a medium-sized company established in 1988 and based in Ronchin, Lille, in the north of France. Lille, along with neighbouring cities of Roubaix, Tourcoing and Villeneuve-d’Ascq, constitutes the 4th most important metropolitan area of France, after Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

The firm provides the core services of audit, accounting and tax (including tax optimization within the French and Belgian tax system) as well as management consulting, wealth management and support in the repurchase or transmission of companies.

SLIGEC provides professional services to a wide range of businesses including, but not limited to, haulage companies, printing firms, wholesale and retail traders, real estate developers and hotel and restaurants owners.

The long term objective of the firm is further international growth and integration. The firm is continually implementing measures to enhance its international profile. It is already servicing clients with business interests in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, and has been developing a close relationship with Belgium in the field of tax optimization for relocation purposes.

SLIGEC will join existing Morison KSi member firms – Aplitec, Cabinet Sorel, Cofagest Conseils and Cabinet Sartre – in representing the association in France. Since 2005 SLIGEC has been affiliated with the French national accounting group CABEX, of which Cofagest Conseils and Cabinet Sartre are also members.

Partner, Francis Druon, will be the International Liaison Partner for the firm.

Suga & Associates – Tokyo, Japan
Suga & Associates was established in 1999 and its client base has been expanding ever since. The firm’s main services include accounting, tax, corporate finance advisory, M&A transaction support, incorporation assistance and business development support.

Suga & Associates works with a wide range of multinational clients in diverse industries, including IT, consulting, wholesale and retail. The majority of the firm’s clients have a great business interest in Southeast Asia and the United States.

The firm is led by managing partner Tomohito Suga, who will be the international liaison partner for the firm.

Suga said: “We are pleased to join Morison KSi and look forward to a close working relationship with the member firms. We hope to further improve our high standards of quality and customer service through exchanging expertise and establishing trust for the benefit of our clients.”

On behalf of all member firms, we are delighted to welcome both firms to the Morison KSi family.