Geneva Group International (GGI) welcomes two new member firms: ASPASIO in Japan and Closa Investment Bankers in Spain.

ASPASIO – Tokyo, Japan
ASPASIO was founded in 2014. The firm name was coined from “Aspiration” and “Passion”, and reflects the company's philosophy of working with the same attributes, towards their clients' vision of success. The experienced professionals in the company provide various advisory and consulting services such as establishing management and overseas response strategies, restructuring support, and M&A support.

Some of the services offered by the firm include valuation services, finance and tax due diligence service, business due diligence service, HR due diligence service, PMI support service (company operation support post-integration and post-merger), M&A, and business sale execution support in Asia.

Based in Tokyo, ASPASIO employs 13 professional staff members, led by three Partners, and offer a high level of services in English as well as Japanese.

Closa Investment Bankers – Barcelona, Spain
Closa Investment Bankers is an international firm specialised in corporate advisory services to mid-sized companies. Established in 1987, the firm has completed more than 600 successful transactions globally. Over the past 30 years, they have developed an extensive industry specialisation and experience in investment banking both in Spain and internationally.

The company philosophy is based on a personalised customer service, providing tailored and specialised financial advisory services such as corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, valuation, privatisation, private placement, portfolio analysis, asset allocation, private equity, consulting, international structure and restructuring,

With offices in Madrid and Barcelona, their 14 professionals governed by five Partners serve their clients in both English and Spanish.