3E Accounting International Network, a global accounting firm headquartered in Singapore, is expanding to give it reach in 50 countries. The milestone has been achieved just six years after the Company was established.

3E Accounting is the first home-grown global accounting network in Singapore and the only home-grown accounting firm with its headquarters in Singapore. The Company hopes the expansion will further promote Singapore as a financial and accountancy hub in the region and across the world. It helps businesses to venture overseas, providing a one-stop solution for them globally.

3E Accounting Internatoinal Network managing director Lawrence Chai said: “The network will continue to expand. It is our determined aim to help businesses in need. We draw on a very talented team of experts here in Singapore and beyond. We have the credentials and the professional expertise.”

“The Company is among a number of successful Singaporean international networks that strive to help small and medium industries to network, build relationships and succeed in their business. 3E Accounting boasts a highly professional service network of independent accounting and consultancy firms that provide accounting, tax, payroll and advisory services to small and medium industries,” Chai added.

With the new network come more than 1,200 staff and 79 offices to support its global client base. This expansion portrays the company’s growing success.