The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA & CIMA) combines elements of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to create the world’s largest network of management and public accountants.

Internationally recognised accounting qualifications

AICPA & CIMA equips the professionals of the future with the skills and knowledge to build successful careers across the world. The CGMA Qualification and CPA Exam are core components of this success and AICPA & CIMA’s professional designations are essential for any professional accountant. The CPA and CGMA designation have proven to be an invaluable tool for social mobility and professional success around the globe.

To meet the changing expectations of young people, the access needs of some underrepresented groups, and attract the best talent, the company developed the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, which allows candidates to earn the CGMA designation completely online. The program uses the same syllabus and case study exams and has the same practical experience requirement as the traditional route. It introduces key improvements to the learner experience, such as the use of business simulations to help master concepts and continuous testing.  The self-paced nature of the program also means it is highly accessible to many people.

Upholding professional accountancy standards

AICPA & CIMA serves the public interest and supports market integrity by guiding the profession and encouraging organisations to uphold and apply professional standards and practices. This helps to promote trust between businesses and also generates opportunities and prosperity.

The company employs a data-driven approach to identify trends in audit quality and this knowledge is then used to develop resources and guidance to help auditors navigate emerging challenges. The AICPA Guide Risk Assessment in a Financial Statement Audit assists auditors in performing quality risk assessments that are completed to the highest of standards.

Through its commitment to acting as a voice for the profession, maintaining the quality of its professional qualifications, and working hard to attract talented new professionals, AICPA & CIMA works hard to set the standards in terms of what a professional body can achieve.

Practical resources for accounting and finance professionals

Lifelong learning is essential to keep up with market changes and emerging needs for new skills. The reimagined learning portfolio by AICPA & CIMA offers highly relevant and streamlined content that is quickly launched to market. The content is designed for flexible delivery options, making it suitable for a variety of different organisations. continues to lead technology research and innovation efforts for the accounting profession to help drive the transformation of core practice areas. Several times a year, it hosts invitation-only roundtables and profession debriefs that bring together thought leaders and C-suite executives from accounting technology companies to share insights and discuss the key trends affecting the profession.

The future of accounting

AICPA & CIMA engage with governments, regulators, and other key stakeholders worldwide regarding issues that affect the accounting profession. Always non-partisan, the company seeks to shape and inform the key policy proposals that might impact current members and firms, or the future of the accounting profession. The company advocates for positive reforms based on the insights and interests of CPAs, CGMAs, and the wider profession, promoting trust in the profession, businesses, and society.

AICPA & CIMA’s global research and thought leadership strategy ensures that its professional qualifications and resources are created using the most up to date body of knowledge on the accounting and finance profession available. This work keeps AICPA & CIMA at the forefront of technological developments like artificial intelligence (AI), which members are now using to enhance their capabilities and employability. Other research themes include productivity, performance management, and the evolving shape of the finance profession.

The organisation encourages and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion within the accounting profession, based on the belief that workplaces that are reflective and inclusive of the global communities in which they serve are the most productive. To guide and educate professionals, AICPA & CIMA have created resources, tools, and guides across all DEI focus areas and beyond that can be found on the AICPA & CIMA website.


The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA & CIMA) was launched in 2017 by members of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). It is the largest, most influential network of management and public accountants in the world, combining the strengths of both founding bodies. The foundation of this success is attracting talent to accounting and finance, acting as a powerful advocate for the profession and maintaining and promoting integrity as our core value.