International tax, accounting, audit, and consulting expertise

Since 1983, the Russell Bedford International accounting group has been helping domestic and international organisations to manage their international tax, accounting, audit, and financial consultancy requirements in locations around the world. Selected from among the leading independent chartered accountancy/certified public accountancy (CA/CPA) firms in their home countries, every member firm within the Russell Bedford International audit and accounting network has the local insight and international connections needed to give clients an edge over competitors.

Accounting services to match international audit and CPA firms

Expansion brings challenges, particularly for businesses operating cross-border. From integrating international accounting and audit regulations with local procedures, managing local tax compliance, or optimising international tax efficiency, to restructuring a business or launching a new one, Russell Bedford can help.

While many international CPA firms and CPA associations promise a global presence, few can deliver genuine local knowledge. In contrast to some international CPA firms, every member of the Russell Bedford International network is an independent accounting and audit practice, chosen from among the leading firms of chartered accountants and CPAs in its home country. Russell Bedford’s selection process is stringent but, over more than 40 years, it has delivered a close-knit team of leading local specialists, with the skills and experience to match any international audit or CPA firm.

Global accounting and audit network

The Russell Bedford International network can help CA/CPA firms who have clients operating internationally, where firms are increasingly required to match the services and standards of international accounting groups. Committed to enhancing its geographic coverage, Russell Bedford is always ready to work with suitably qualified independent CA/CPA firms, audit firms, and international tax advisers in key financial centres across the world.

International tax, accounting, audit, and consulting services

The 9000 skilled professionals that make up the Russell Bedford International network are committed to helping businesses turn strategy into reality. Close liaisons on cross-border assignments and projects, together with innovative and continuous marketing support, have seen the company’s international accounting group become a vital business development hub for many practices seeking to expand cross-border.

About Russell Bedford International

Ranked among the world’s top 20 accounting and audit networks, Russell Bedford International is fully committed to quality, integrity, and independence. Years of dedicated effort from all members of the international accounting group, as well as significant financial investments, have allowed the company to successfully develop and implement a globally coordinated system for monitoring the quality control standards of the audit, tax, and consulting services provided throughout its international audit network.

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