Kreston Global, a leading global accounting network, specialises in working with owner-managed and run small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with existing international operations, or who are looking to expand overseas. The network operates in more than 115 countries, with over 25,000 professionals dedicated to providing timely tax, audit, and advisory solutions to businesses worldwide.

Kreston’s network is a collaborative network of local experts, with specialists in each country, to cater to the international needs of its clients. From cyber security measures to wealth management strategies, Kreston’s services are designed to support the evolving needs of its clients. Built on real relationships and working together to offer an alternative to the increasing dominance of larger market players, the network is ideal for entrepreneurial mid-sized organisations entering into the international arena.

Every member firm within Kreston Global operates independently, taking full responsibility for their work, teams, and clients.

Financial services for international entrepreneurs

Kreston Global’s range of services includes accounting and financial services, risk management and cyber security, audit and assurance, and tax and transfer pricing expertise.

Accounting and finance

Kreston Global provides expertise in handling the complex needs of multinationals and SMEs, and also offers specialised services for owner-operated businesses, with a particular focus on bespoke solutions tailored to each clients’ requirements. The company also provides comprehensive tax services, including international tax and incorporation strategies. To promote sustainable business growth, Kreston Global also offers wealth management advice and planning services.

Risk management and cyber security

For the best cyber security and cyber risk management, Kreston Global uses the latest technology and cutting-edge solutions to protect businesses from digital threats. The company also practices strategic consulting to mitigate cyber risks and ensure data integrity in an increasingly digital world.

Audit and assurance

To ensure that businesses comply with global standards, Kreston Global offers rigorous audit services for SMEs and multinationals, with a strong focus on quality and accuracy in financial reporting.

Tax and transfer pricing expertise

With its expert knowledge of global tax environments, Kreston Global helps multinationals and SMEs to navigate complex tax procedures. Kreston’s transfer pricing specialists help clients to optimise their tax strategies and ensure compliance with all regulations.

About Kreston Global

As a global accounting network, Kreston Global combines international reach with local expertise. Each member firm operates independently, ensuring a focus on providing specialised and responsible services to their clients. The company’s strong professional relationships across the network guarantee a consistent level of exceptional service anywhere in the world. If required, Kreston’s staff can also collaborate with specialists to provide expert support in any situation.

In Africa, Kreston Global is represented by a network of 28 member firms, offering a suite of services, including financial management, auditing, accounting, tax advisory, and more. This network is designed to assist businesses poised for market entry or expansion within the continent.

The Asia-Pacific region contains many exciting markets and locations, represented by 45 member firms in 22 countries. Kreston’s local market experts can assist with business expansion, outsourcing activities, market requirements, tax conditions, and more.

Across Europe, Kreston’s network of 75 member firms offers widespread support for businesses aiming to grow in the region. Its presence in over 33 countries generates substantial local commercial insight and expertise. The company delivers a variety of services, including financial management, auditing, accounting, tax advisory, and other consultancy services, catering to the needs of privately-owned businesses, government entities, institutions, and non-profit organisations.

Kreston Global has 24 member firms across 17 countries that work collaboratively as one region in Latin America. This extensive presence enables it to provide clients with an expert understanding of the local market. Kreston’s Latin American teams serve large and small businesses, from multinational subsidiaries to entrepreneurial investors.

Kreston Global is one of the largest US listed advisory and assurance organisations, with firms also in Canada and the Bahamas, enabling North American clients and new entrants to access a wide range of knowledge and location coverage.

Kreston’s Middle East region includes over 800 expert staff in 32 offices across 12 countries, offering tailored services for the region’s unique financial landscape. Many of its Middle East firms have high positions in the International Accounting Bulletin regional rankings and are passionate about collaborative working.