BDO is an international network of independent public accounting, tax, and advisory firms and the global leading mid-tier professional services provider. Its core service lines include audit and assurance, as well as tax, advisory, and business services and outsourcing, which generate annual revenues of over $14bn. The company offers exceptional client service, combining global expertise with local understanding, powered by over 115,000 employees across 166 countries and territories.

Audit and assurance

BDO is the leading mid-tier provider of audit and assurance services globally. Audit and assurance represent the largest portion of the company’s business and the service line is central to its brand and growth. BDO’s audit and assurance services are robust and transparent, delivering a consistent and independent provision that customers, investors, and stakeholders can trust. To support its engagements, the company uses the latest technologies. For example, APT Next Gen provides a secure, scalable, and flexible platform, designed in collaboration with Microsoft, to meet the specific needs of its customers. BDOAdvantage, a bespoke audit data analytics toolkit, leverages world-leading technology to provide insights and intelligence for engagement teams and entity management. In addition, BDO’s international network of talented auditors and assurance professionals have access to additional expertise and specialists, including IT, tax, valuations, forensics, and more, to deliver high-quality engagements with added value.

Tax services

BDO’s tax services include corporate and business tax, corporate international tax, global employer services, global private client services, global R&D tax credits and incentives, global tax assurance and risk management, global transfer pricing services, global value chain (tax advisory), and indirect tax.

Tax remains high on the board agenda of many organisations, with economic complications arising from addressing climate change and energy transition, workforce mobility and migration, and increased digitalisation. Domestic and international tax legislation is complex and constantly evolving, and tax authorities around the world are becoming more vigilant. BDO’s tax professionals draw on their experience and industry-specific knowledge to support clients through these challenges by delivering insights and innovation to help businesses maintain compliance and drive value, on both local and global levels.

Advisory services

BDO’s advisory services include corporate finance, digital, cybersecurity, global forensics, global employer services, and global value chain services. The company’s pragmatic approach supports strong relationships with all clients and provides a high level of access to its partners. BDO’s hands-on advisory style results in timely and straightforward advice and insight. Recent growth in BDO’s services has been driven by client demand for the integration of digital solutions within their business models via its digital practice. BDO’s strategic partnership with Microsoft also benefits clients and supports the digital transformation of the business.

Business services and outsourcing

BDO offers a full range of finance, accounting, and business services.  The company helps clients to manage changing regulatory and reporting requirements within local markets and provides the required infrastructure to make businesses more efficient on a local and global scale. Its services include bookkeeping and international accounting, company secretarial, global compliance reporting, IT consulting and outsourcing, payroll services, and statutory financial reporting. Unlike other providers, BDO offers a full range of business services under one master services agreement. By working as one team, the company’s experts can work more cohesively and deliver everything that clients need, globally, via a single point of contact. BDO’s client base includes everything from start-ups to multi-national businesses. The company’s national and global teams deliver local expertise, strengthened by international experience, to build meaningful client relationships and deliver an exceptional service.

About BDO

The Binder Seidman International Group, the forerunner to BDO, was founded in 1963.  In 1973, Binder, Dijker, Otte & Co. (BDO) was formed, with headquarters in Britain, the Netherlands, and West Germany.  The brand grew into a worldwide business, winning the International Accounting Bulletin Network of the Year award for the first time in 2015.  Since then, the organisation has continued to grow, announcing a worldwide technology and services collaboration with Microsoft, winning DAX-30 listed client SAP, and becoming a Xero Global Partner on the global small business platform.

In 2021, BDO pledged to the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier.  The company’s ambition is to inspire, educate, and lead a movement for sustainable business practices within its markets and organisation. BDO supports clients to fulfil their ESG ambitions through its comprehensive portfolio of sustainability services, including climate services, ESG assurance, ESG reporting, ESG strategy, learning and development, sustainable finance, sustainable communities, human capital, and global value chain. Using a combination of short-, medium-, and long-term financial and non-financial methods, the company finds the best value-creation opportunities that will most benefit its clients.