Daxin Global is an international accounting network that provides multinational professional accounting services, with nearly 40 global members covering the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

It ranked 23rd in the International Accounting Bulletin’s (IAB) comprehensive business revenue list in 2023, with its audit business revenue and consulting business revenue both ranking 18th globally. The company employs approximately 4,800 personnel and its business revenue is £460m, with the Asian section of the company accounting for the majority.

The audit business revenue of Daxin Global accounts for 52% of the total network business revenue, indicating that audit business is the core business of Daxin Global. The audit business of public interest entities is its main business and its Daxin Chinese members have nearly 200 listed companies and 400 clients on the AIM. Daxin’s audit services include annual financial statement audit, asset restructuring and merger and acquisition audit, transnational audit, internal control system audit, IT audit, financial company audit, and special audit.

Daxin Global also offers consulting services, including financial and tax due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, succession-planning, ESG compliance consulting, asset value evaluation, financial analysis, enterprise management, and more.

Tax services are a unique feature of Daxin Global, and include tax consulting related to international investment architecture, tax investigations of investment destinations, and tax agency services for enterprises and individuals.

In addition to these services, Daxin Global also provides accounting services, including bookkeeping agency, and payroll services, among others.

Daxin Global also specialises in providing its customers with transnational professional services. Daxin Global members are required to strictly comply with FOF’s quality management obligations in executing transnational professional services, thereby ensuring that they deliver a high-quality service.