BKR International is an exclusive global association of independent accounting and advisory firms founded on the three pillars of business, knowledge, and relationships. As the seventh ranked accounting association, BKR International provides audit and assurance, as well as accounting, tax, advisory, and other accounting services.

BKR believes that successful businesses thrive when they combine their business acumen, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and relationship-building efforts, so the company offers a holistic framework for its members that promotes sustainable growth, innovation, and prosperity in today’s complex business environment.

Independent accounting member firms

BKR International is a global association of highly respected and independent member firms that uphold the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Each member firm boasts expertise and experience in their respective jurisdiction, forming a powerful collective that offers a strong global presence. BKR International members specialise in a range of accounting services, including audit and assurance, tax guidance, and other financial services, and can offer expert advice on any area within this field.

As a global association, BKR fosters openness and encourages its members to proactively create relationships, support their colleagues, and share their knowledge and experience to promote personal and business level growth. This strong collaborative approach helps BKR to support its members, peers, and clients, helping them to exceed expectations at local, national, and international levels.

Being a member of BKR helps to enhance a firm’s global presence as all members gain access to a worldwide association of connections and opportunities.

Accounting networking events

Each month, BKR hosts online and in-person events to help members expand their networks and gain valuable insights. Through these events, members can engage with like-minded professionals and join practice groups, business development groups, or attend regional and global conferences. This powerful level of connection helps the BKR International community to grow and achieve new levels of success.

Join BKR

Join today and become a member of the BKR global community. As a member, firms gain access to tailored resources, professional training, and networking events, helping them to expand their knowledge and build valuable relationships. Members can also make use of BKR’s extensive global accounting expertise to help them reach new clients and drive innovation within the financial sector.

About BKR

BKR International aims to empower professionals through its dynamic platform that is designed to connect individuals, fosters knowledge exchange, and cultivates meaningful relationships.

Its comprehensive approach equips members with the tools and resources needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

As an association, BKR’s main aims are to do more business, share more knowledge, and create more relationships. BKR empowers its member firms and encourages them to grow by proactively collaborating with their peers and trusted partners. Together, member firms create a centre of excellence, where they can share knowledge, identify market trends, and support future talent within the industry. BKR acts as an open forum, enabling members to engage with and learn from one another, while also creating opportunities to grow on a business and professional level.

To achieve these goals, BKR provides structured resources across a wide range of service lines. These help to create new opportunities for its members, allowing them to better connect, engage, and collaborate with each other in a successful and proactive way.