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Automating the financial close process

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in an era where a fully automated financial close without human intervention is possible. And it can be done in one day with Oracle’s IPA tools.

Thousands of companies will have to report on ESG issues in 2024

If your business is one of the firms now mandated to issue an environmental, sustainability and governance report, AI-powered software can help track ESG metrics for easier reporting.

Unlocking financial efficiency: How AI transforms finance teams, drives profitable growth

Artificial intelligence (AI) can drive efficiencies and create savings for finance chiefs through process automation, kick-starting analytics, and monitoring business processes for efficiency.

Why talent shortages are a problem CFOs should solve

Chief financial officers are uniquely situated to team up with human resources to identify skills gaps, find the right talent, and keep employees engaged and motivated. Generative AI and cloud-based systems can help.

How AI is revolutionising risk management in enterprise resource planning 

With embedded risk management, powered by built-in artificial intelligence, businesses can automatically detect security issues immediately, preventing delays that can be costly and disruptive.