US firm uses technology to aid

US firm uses technology to aid recruitment

A campaign designed to address changing trends in recruitment
has been launched by Aronson & Company, a US member firm of

The Show Us Your Future video contest is geared toward college
accounting and finance students entering the job market. Aronson
& Company said it is designed to appeal to a new generation of
professionals who are more comfortable using technology as a means
for advancement and expression than their older counterparts.

The grand prize in the contest is a student-to-professional
makeover worth more than $2,500. The prize includes professional
image services, clothing and CV consultations. To be eligible for
the prize, entrants must submit a three minute video that
creatively demonstrates where they see themselves after graduation.
The video entries will be posted on the internet for people to vote

Aronson & Company said that with the rise of internet-delivered
media and tools like video CVs, the firm’s “innovative and unique
approach” is indicative of its commitment to staying “wired-in to
current trends”. The firm said that while many accounting firms are
still using want ads and outsourced recruiters to make cold calls,
it is talking to a new generation by “speaking their

Aronson & Company managing officer Lisa Cines said the
competition gives the firm a “creative platform” for reaching
prospective employees and gives students a platform to show the
firm what is important to them. “To my knowledge, this strategy is
different than anything else being used in our market,” she

Cines said Aronson & Company is dedicated to helpings its
employees “realise their potential and achieve their dreams”.

She continued: “The ‘Show Us Your Future’ contest is simply another
example of the ways in which we are demonstrating that commitment
to prospective and current professionals.”

“The race to hire the dwindling number of accounting majors will be
won by those firms who best understand their needs, skills and
unique perspective.”

Aronson & Company is also offering job applicants who submit
their CVs the opportunity to win a $100 gift cheque in a monthly