Two northeastern US firms have entered into one of the largest
accountancy firm mergers since the Arthur Andersen collapse in
2002. Philadelphia-based Goldenberg Rosenthal is set to combine
with Amper, Politziner & Mattia (Amper) on 1 July, creating an
entity with 84 partners, 600 employees and annual revenues of $113

The new partnership will retain the Baker Tilly International
affiliation of the larger firm Amper, Politziner & Mattia.

Former PKF International member Goldenberg Rosenthal adds 21
partners and 125 staff to the partnership. It also adds an office
in Philadelphia to Amper’s existing offices in New Jersey and New

Amper president and chief executive Philip Politziner said the
two firms were blending well in the early integration stages. The
union was the result of Amper’s desire to expand into Philadelphia
on the back of strong organic growth. Politziner said Amper grew
110 percent from $42 million in 2004 to $88 million in March this
year. Staff numbers have risen from 260 to 481 over the same

Philadelphia is a strategically important area for the firm as
one of three major money centres in the northeast, alongside New
York and Boston. “This way we now have two of the three [money
centres covered]. There are a lot of private equity funds and hedge
funds between New York and Philly, it is a huge area of money with
capital,” he said.

Politziner said the two firms’ individual strengths would
complement each other. Goldenberg Rosenthal is strong in the real
estate, construction, auto dealership and non-profit areas. Amper’s
strengths include wealth management and insolvency services, and
the firm has a strong client base in the financial services,
technology, life sciences and large public companies sectors,
Politziner said.

Nicholas Moody