UHY embarks on multimedia
image-building campaign

Strengthening the UHY International brand and increasing
technical support for members are among the goals of the
association’s new president, John Wolfgang.

“One of our investors in the US said UHY is the biggest firm
that nobody’s ever heard of and we’re trying to change that,”
Wolfgang told IAB. “Trying to expand the branding
throughout the world is very important. One of those goals is
trying to expand the use of the brand within the firm names
themselves, which we’ve made a lot of progress on.” Wolfgang said
about one-third of the firms don’t use the UHY name, but it is
“catching on”.

Another awareness-building exercise the association has initiated
is a business programme on the Discovery Channel that
highlights different aspects of business. The programme is called
“Business in the Eye of the Storm” and there have been five
episodes already. Wolfgang explained the first programme was on
family-owned businesses and another one was on how people operate
in the global economy. The association will use the programmes for
marketing, client presentations and recruitment at

“It’s really picked up a great following; it’s increased our
website hits in the US and done a wonderful job for us in the US,”
he said.

Wolfgang wants to see the association build on the technical
support it provides to its members. “As we expand the network there
are new challenges and one of the new challenges is to make sure
the quality of the work is at the highest level around the network.
I think… we have an opportunity to be able to start at the ground
floor in some respects with respect to IFRS and IAS coming into
play. What we are looking at right now is providing more technical
capability to the membership, which they can draw upon to try and
have some consistency in the delivery of those services and the
technical aspects of our business,” he said.

“We’re looking at some training programmes on a global basis that
will help the net process and we’re also looking at maybe adding
some more technical resources at the executive office here in
London, [which will disseminate] information to the rest of the

Carolyn Canham