EuraAudit International has broken its
strategic alliance with UC&CS, which has restructured to form
an independent global association, it has been revealed.

The decision “to terminate the long lasting
strategic alliance with EuraAudit International was mutual,” as the
associations each visualise a different future, UC&CS Global
president of the world council Mauricio Mobarak told
International Accounting Bulletin.

UC&CS currently has two firms: UC&CS
America which is structured as a network and mainly operates in
Latin America, and UC&CS Global which is an association by

UC&CS Global has already signed strategic
alliance agreements with a global association of groups of
consultants AOTS Japan/WNF, a US Latino association of tax
preparers LATAX, Spanish law firm Bonet and with a US audit and
accounting group CPAsNET.

The joint revenue of the UC&CS Global is
now estimated at $95million according to Mobarak.

The current revenue of UC&CS America is
$15million, according to Mobarak.

The UC&CS America network has kept most of
its firms with 27 out of the 40 signing a new contract with
UC&CS America and 12 currently in the review stage.

US&CS is a new global player in the
market, and according to Mobarak the firm is actively looking for
new alliances and member firms around the world with emphasis on
Asia and BRIC countries.