Accountants in Brazil are the second highest
paid in the world in relative disposable income terms, according to
research conducted by accountancy recruiter Marks Sattin.

Brazil comes in at a close second behind Peru
with an average monthly income of $3,671. UK accountants were
placed fifth with monthly income of $3,333.

The results are measured by purchasing power

Marks Sattin also reported a 60 percent
increase in accountancy jobs in Brazil over the past two years,
apparently due to sustained economic growth and the adoption of

“Brazil has the world’s eighth largest economy
by nominal GDP and was one of the first emerging markets to recover
from the global recession,” Brazil country manager of Marks Sattin
Daniel Santiago Faria said,

“In July 2010, there were 439,051 registered
accountants in Brazil, up from 410,596 in July 2009, a 7 percent
increase. At the current rate, there will be half a million
accountants in the country by mid-2010.”