A Deloitte report has found there is still a
lack of women on the executive boards at FTSE 350 companies in the

The report, At the Helm, showed while
only one in ten executive board positions are filled by women there
has been an increase in the number of women appointed in
non-executive positions following a call from the UK government to
narrow the gender gap.

In the past year, three out of ten
appointments were women, more than double the overall proportion of
women on boards.

According to the survey, more than three
quarters of companies are addressing the diversity issue but
gender, age and nationality are considered less important than
skills and personal experience.

The report also showed that shareholders
believe better succession planning would improve board
effectiveness whereas the majority of company secretaries and
non-executive directors do not.

“Businesses are starting to recruit from more
diverse backgrounds and we believe this is a very positive move
which will be welcomed by shareholders,” Deloitte executive
compensation partner Carol Arrowsmith said.