Intense geographic concentration within
Russia’s professional services industry is beginning to dilute. A
2008 report from the Russian Ministry of Finance indicated a
highly-concentrated profession with a majority of firms being based
in Moscow.

Russia Fee Split

However, partners speaking with the International Accounting
for the Russia survey (see Russian Bear makes
giant leaps
) said firms are expanding into the regions in
response to client demand, and are also looking across national

Rödl & Partner’s André Scholz said the success of the firm’s
Belarusian office has led it to seriously considering opening an
office in Kazakhstan. The firm is also looking to follow its
clients into other regions by creating clusters throughout Russia.
It is considering clusters in the Urals, in the far south and on
the Volga River but is yet to decide where the first will be. The
firm’s long term strategy is to establish a presence in Central

RSM Top Audit also plans to develop its regional network. In the
past two years the firm has opened 42 offices in different cities.
These offices are either affiliated firms of RSM Top Audit Moscow
or independent firms that have joined RSM’s regional network and
have agreed to a profit sharing agreement with the Moscow-based

RSM Top Audit managing partner Elena Loss said the firm aims to
be represented in 86 of Russia’s main cities in a year.