Russell Bedford admits member
firms in Australia and Nicaragua

Russell Bedford International has admitted new member firms in
Australia and Nicaragua. Melbourne firm Saward Dawson expands the
network’s coverage to most major cities in Australia, including
Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Darwin. Saward Dawson can be
traced back to the 1960s, but the current firm dates to 1981 when
Bruce Saward joined forces with a sole practitioner. Cliff Dawson,
one of the other main partners, joined the firm in 1984. The firm
took the name Saward Dawson in 1999.

The firm has four partners and about 50 staff. It provides
audit, tax consultancy and services for business advisory,
compliance and financial planning.

Saward said the move to Russell Bedford International would help
the firm grow and provide opportunities for staff to gain
international experience. “Business today is increasingly taking
place on a global scale and being able to service a client’s needs
throughout the world is crucial for accountants who want to grow
with their clients. Of course, Saward Dawson is also looking
forward to providing services in Melbourne to clients of other
Russell Bedford firms,” he said.

“Through short-term exchanges with other member firms, Russell
Bedford International will enable us to offer staff the chance to
see more of the world and gain some great life and professional
experience. And, at the same time, we will retain our links with

Suárez, Flores & Asociados has also joined the network as a
correspondent firm in the Central American country of Nicaragua.
Founded ten years ago, the public accounting and audit firm is
based in the capital city Managua. The firm’s services include
auditing, accounting, tax and business consulting.

Marvin Suárez López is the founder and managing partner of the
firm. He has been an internal auditor at the Nicaragua branch of
the charity CARE International and a finance officer for the Centre
for Education for Democracy. The other principals include Mauricio
José Flores and Francisco Pérez Ubilla.