RSM Tenon is to list on the London Stock
Exchange in an effort to reach out to a broader group of investors
and grow more rapidly.

The firm will de-list from the Alternative
Investment Market (AIM) and move to the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
on May 27.

In the process, RSM Tenon has reconstructed
the make-up of its board to comprise of two executive directors and
three non-executive directors (turn to page 4).

RSM Tenon chief executive Andy Raynor said the
firm has achieved all of its goals on the AIM, and the move to the
larger LSE is a natural evolution for a corporation of its

“Over the past 10 year, Tenon has achieved
many of its initial objectives and is set to do significantly more.
I think [the LSE] better reflects the scale, substance and presence
of the business at the moment,” Raynor said.

“We’re going to be turning over typically
£250m. A business of that scope needs to be available to as broad a
list of investors as possible. We have great ambitions to use the
listing as an opportunity to help us grow even faster.”

Raynor said the move onto the LSE does not
indicate the firm needs an injection of capital nor is it in any
way linked to the acquisition of RSM Bentley Jennison late last

He said the listing would increase the
visibility of the business, but this was not an important issue for
the firm. In addition, listing on the LSE should not be taken as a
sign the firm is looking to attract a larger or different type of

“Yes, we do have large and international
clients, we do have public clients, but the core clientele are
private entrepreneurial-led businesses and we have a predominant
position with public sector clients as well,” Raynor said.

RSM Tenon shortly intends to publish a
prospectus in connection with admission.