RSM France has appointed Jean-Michel
Picaud as its new chairman. Picaud previously managed the audit
practice of the firm’s Nantes office and has been an audit partner
since 2002.

“I’ve been working in this industry for a long time. I worked in
the auditing department for the KPMG Nantes office for 15 years
before joining RSM, so I decided that it was time for a change,” he
said. “I wanted to see something away from the Big Four. I wanted
to be in a smaller network where I could have [a greater role] in
making decisions.”

Over the next few years, Picaud said RSM will focus on
increasing brand awareness and playing a more active role in the
mid-market. “I want to add new committees and make the RSM brand as
visible as possible” he said.

Picaud noted the past year has been quite a challenge for the
French network due to competition from the Big Four: “It’s
difficult to compete with the reputation of such exceeding
companies and perhaps we haven’t communicated as a brand as much as
we could have. I want this to change in my new position.”

The new chairman said he will be focussed on diversifying into
countries within Europe such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and
the Netherlands.

“I think these specific countries are integral and the next step
to building a strong RSM brand within Europe,” he said.

RSM International has also appointed RSM France partner
Christophe Mutschler as the new European member of the RSM
International board.

The board currently has three European members, two from France
and one from the Netherlands.

Melanie White