Paul Langhorn is going to be clocking up a lot of air miles in
the next four months. RSM International’s (RSMI) new executive
director for Europe is planning to visit as many of the network’s
26 European firms as possible in the first quarter of this

The world’s seventh highest revenue earning accountancy group
has a broad sweep in Europe covering everywhere from and
Scandinavia to Malta and Israel with a combined staff of 3,566 and
fee income of $455.3 million.

“One of my first roles is to visit as many of the network firms to
understand them,” Langhorn said. “I am very keen to understand
their markets because one of the critical roles [of this position] is to understand the market for professional services in whichever
country and also the positioning of our firm in that particular

The role is an intra-networking one: developing new and existing
members and being the “eyes and ears of the network”. The European
director said once new firms were bedded in it will be about
looking for business opportunities and trying to capitalise on

“[This involves] looking at clients of the network that we already
service on a local level and developing those into international
and transnational clients,” he said. In his new position Langhorn
will devote 60 percent of his time to his new role and 40 percent
as a corporate partner in the network’s UK firm RSM Bentley
Jennison. RSMI chief executive Jean Stephens said Langhorn’s
experience in managing cross-border client activity and regional
business development ensured he was well equipped for the

Langhorn said it is an exciting time to be doing business in
Europe: “There’s a lot more movement if you look at the way Europe
is expanding the new countries coming into the EU, for example
Poland joining the EU now and wanting to work closer within the

He said the development of Europe presents the opportunity for
significant growth. “I see that 2008 is almost a year for Europe
within our network. We do really wish to expand it and springboard
off it, 2008 has a lot of opportunities for us. Particularly the
new firms that have come into the network in the last 12 months –
the largest being Bentley Jennison,” he said.

Nicholas Moody