RSM International has admitted large North and
West African firm Ahmed Mansour & Associés.

Ahmed Mansour & Associé (AMA) has four
partners and 120 staff, plus a partner and 12 staff at a
Mauritanian office that began operating last year.

AMA plans to set up further new firms in Mali,
Libya, Algeria, Senegal and the Ivory Coast within the next

Strong banking clientele

AMA international contact partner Kamel
Dimassi said the firm is well known throughout North Africa. The
firm audits 90 percent of banking institutions in Tunisia, plus
about 80 percent of the banking institutions in Mauritania.

“We are also very active in auditing the oil
and gas sector, we have prestigious clients in the region. Also, we
have experience in transaction services,” Dimassi said.

Tunisian audit firms do not publish financial
data and there are no official rankings but Dimassi said it is
widely accepted AMA is among the top three audit firms. AMA was
involved with Deloitte for more than 12 years but terminated the
affiliation last September.

Deloitte defection

Dimassi said there has been much misplaced
speculation in the local media on why the organisations parted
ways. He was unwilling to disclose all of the reasons AMA left
Deloitte but stressed the affiliation restricted AMA’s ability to
expand across the region.

“We left Deloitte because we have new
opportunities in the region and these new opportunities could not
be fulfilled with our membership with Deloitte,” he explained.

“With Deloitte, we have only Tunisia to work
in and that is why, for strategy purposes, it is more important for
us to move and to work with another network.”

RSM patnership positive

Dimassi said the new partnership with RSM
International is already bearing fruit.

“After only a couple of weeks with RSM, we are
already feeling that RSM International is adding value to our firm
by supporting our growth plans and sharing with us a high standard
of resources,” he said.

Dimassi said a key advantage for AMA over its
Big Four rivals is its investment in local people.

“We will be active in these countries and we
will work with local people,” Dimassi said.

“We will have in each firm a team composed of
local people, Tunisian people, and European people. The Big Four
are working in these countries from [bases in] France or the UK,
they are not investing [in Tunisia], they are not investing in the

AMA’s strategies moving forward include
developing new service lines, including IT and internal audit