PricewaterhouseCoopers US (PwC) and Leavitt
Partners US have entered an exclusive joint business relationship
to help advise organisations on food safety issues.

The partnership will combine PwC’s business
and technical consulting experience with Leavitt Partners’
expertise of regulatory food safety.

PwC and Leavitt Partners plan to become
leading strategic advisers on protecting clients from the potential
impact of more stringent food safety rules that are being debated
in the US Senate.

The S 425 – Food Safety and Tracking
Improvement Act provides the Food and Drug Administration with
increased authority to monitor the safety of food supplies and
enable them to take greater action against companies that do not
adequately protect against food contamination. It is likely to have
an adverse effect on farmers and food processors.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
estimates that each year the US has 76 million cases of food-borne
illnesses, with 5,000 resulting in death. A former food and drug
administration economist estimates the annual cost of this problem
is $152bn.

“This alliance brings together two
acknowledged leaders with complementary skills that together can
deploy our strengths in understanding, meeting and addressing
ever-changing federal requirements around food safety. Through this
relationship we will lead change,” Leavitt
Partners chairman Michael Leavitt said.