Praxity has undergone a rebrand with a change of logo, website and purpose statement.

The rebrand was revealed at the association’s conferences in Sydney and Chicago.

The website has been redeveloped from a platform for information sharing to be used more for accessing practical services and content.

The association’s new purpose statement is: “To assist participant firms in finding the best solutions for achieving their clients’ goals, through seamless collaboration within Praxity’s global alliance of independent firms.”

Praxity’s executive director Græme Gordon said: “Technology and globalisation means the accounting profession must evolve to meet the growing needs of users and business’s rapidly-shifting requirements.  We’ve responded to this and the engagement we have going forward with our diverse audience and widespread stakeholders will be more stimulating, relevant and useful.

“We now have a better platform for participant firms to develop and deliver their clients’ services and they’ll be able to more confidently explain the benefits of their Praxity membership. Our focus is to develop services that empower participant firms while ensuring they retain the transparent independence that makes them best in class.”