PKF International has appointed James Hickey as CEO of the network, effective immediately.

He will replace John Sim, who has led PKF for the previous six years.

Hickey has had experience of leading accounting entities, having led association Alliott Group since November 2012 – though Alliott is an association as opposed to a network.

Speaking about his appointment, Hickey said: “Those firms that think like accountants and lawyers when they strategise for their tomorrow will simply not have a tomorrow. Whether it be AI, mergers, changes in regulations or any of the other market disrupters, professional service firms need to be open minded to new delivery models to maintain a relevance within their respective markets.”

“At the core of PKFI’s tomorrow has to be the right digital strategy. But this must represent an extension of who we are. If we adapt with integrity always preserving our belief that ours is a network of trusted business advisors and build strategic digital value into this offering – then the potential for expansion and deeper relationships will be phenomenal.”