PKF International (PFKI) has added the
Japanese firm Osaka Audit Corporation (OAC) to its global

OAC was established in 1979 and provides
mainly audit services for Japanese global companies listed on
Japanese stock markets.

Other services include review of financial
statements, due diligence, IT audit, IFRS adoption consulting and
internal audit.

OAK reports annual revenue of about $13.3m and
was ranked the 12th largest audit firm by the Japanese
Institute of Certified Public Accountants in terms of number of
listed audit clients. 

The firm will trade as PKF Osaka Audit
Corporation and will work closely with PKF Nakamoto & Co, the
other PKF member firm in the country.

“The opportunity for the global network in
tapping into the vast Japanese investment presence globally has
grown exponentially with this admission to the membership.” 
PKF International Asia-Pacific regional director Stephen Darley