With effect from 1 October 2019 Peter Van Laer will take over from Hans Wilmots at BDO Belgium.  Peter is currently managing director at BDO Crossroad. The company was acquired by BDO Belgium at the end of 2017. Peter Van Laer will lead the firm with its almost 800 partners and staff for the next four years. He will work in tandem with the current general counsel Johan Vandenbroeck, who will become chair of BDO Belgium on the same date.

Van Laer said: “The BDO-network has more than 1.600 offices in more than 160 countries. That allows us to support Belgian companies, who are increasingly interested to internationalise, with worldwide experience. On the other hand, we can support large corporates with our local expertise and market wide in-depth experience.  Sharing all these best practices leads to complete solutions our clients can deploy worldwide.”