Meyers Norris Penny (MNP), a Canadian member
firm of Praxity, has merged with Ontario based accountancy firm,
Retford Lane Bates.

Retford Lane Bates provides accounting,
including reviews and compilations, audits, cash flow and budgeting
analysis, consulting services, financial forecasts and projections
and tax planning and preparation to private companies and not-for
profit organisations.

The firm is composed of eight team members,
including two partners James Lane and Joseph Bates.

“This merger is an excellent example of MNP’s
vision to strategically grow the firm while adding more resources
and expertise to better serve the needs of the marketplace. Like
MNP, Retford Lane Bates also has a significant credit union client
base and we’re looking forward to working together to better serve
this important group”, MNP chief executive Daryl Ritchie said.