US firm RSM McGladrey has changed its organisational structure
and leadership teams in order to enhance the firm’s efficiency and
speed to market.

The changes include strengthening the management structure within
RSM’s five regions and integrating the firm’s service lines into
operation groups.

Two new positions have been created to add to the executive
operating team and a series of industry marketing tactics will be
merged into the corporate marketing unit.

RSM McGladrey president Steve Tait said: “The new organisational
and leadership structure will bring all of RSM McGladrey’s lines of
businesses including tax, consulting, wealth management and capital
markets, directly under one chief operating officer. This will
assist in offering a higher level of field input to key business
decisions and enable RSM McGladrey a faster time to market with
business initiatives.

“It will ensure a higher level of service to the middle market and
will leave us in an even stronger position to leverage all of RSM
McGladrey’s expertise and capabilities to successfully impact a
client’s business regardless of their location.”

Leadership reshuffle

Chief operating officer Doug Opheim has undertaken additional
responsibilities for the business strategy development areas. He
will also be responsible for consulting, tax, capital markets and
wealth management.

Joe Adams and Jim Kadavy have been appointed as members of the
executive leadership team and will also act as regional managing
directors. Adams will be responsible for the Great Lakes Region
including Northern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, whilst Kadavy will
be responsible for the Great Plains Region including Iowa, Southern
Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado and Nebraska.

Mark Audino has been promoted to chief marketing officer and is
also a member of the firm’s executive leadership team. His
responsibilities will include integrating international and
industry marketing skills with corporate marketing

Tait added: “Our new marketing structure will increase our
industry-focused, go-to-market strategies and enable us to better
represent our international advantages to our domestic client