Mauricio Mobarak has been appointed president of a regional
board that governs the strategic alliance between UC&CS America
and EuraAudit International.

His main objectives are to grow the EuraAudit network in the
Americas region through the accounting network UC&CS, which is
the Americas arm of the alliance. He will also aim to improve the
consistency and quality of alliance member firms in the region.

“My role is based on a proposal that was presented to me by
EuraAudit International to assist in making the network grow in
America, which we are doing,” Mobarak told the International
Accounting Bulletin
. “We are now in 12 countries within the
America region and the next priorities are Brazil, Canada and the
US. We need to grow seriously in the US as we only have one office
in Florida and two smaller ones in Atlanta and New York.

“At present we are admitting other members in Chile and
Guatemala. I think that once we have grown in these countries and
others such as Argentina, then other countries such as Ecuador,
Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay will come along.

“Overall though, EuraAudit’s objective and mine isn’t in the
amount of countries that we hope to involve, it’s more in the
penetration and quality that we want to offer.”

Mobarak joined EuraAudit in 2005, following an extensive career
within the profession, including 15 years working for
PricewaterhouseCoopers Mexico (PwC) as a senior manager for the
management consulting service line.

“Working with PwC for 15 years gave me the insight into how such
a firm works. Once you leave such a big firm it is an inevitable
feeling that wherever you end up you strive to be something quite
similar,” he explained.

Since then, he has been involved in many functions within the
network, including a strategic alliance contract with UC&CS
America in 2006, which took the number of CPA firms from one in
Peru to 38 in 12 countries. In the most recent fiscal year, the
network recorded an overall combined fee income of $17 million for
the Americas region.

“I want to take UC&CS America and EuraAudit as far as I
can,” Mobarak added. “I want to give to all our associates all the
elements that are available in a Big Four firm, including
methodologies, people, specialists and professionalism. We are
creating our own Big Four which is not [concerned primarily] about
size, but rather quality and the elements needed to support a

Mobarak will continue to serve his role as president of
UC&CS America and strategic partner of EuraAudit

Melanie White