Mazars has launched a web series, The Next CFO, which considers the changing role of the CFO.

Through interviews and debates, members of the profession discuss how the role of the CFO will change and develop over the coming years due to advances of technology.

By 2020, close to 40% of accounting transactions could be performed by machines, according to research, which is likely to change how finance departments manage their traditional tasks. The first episodes of The Next CFO looks at the main themes of this shift: change management, technological disruption and the need to recruit unconventional profiles.

The series focuses on Mazars’ customers, rather than its brand or services, as the basis of the stories featured in the seven episode series.

Mazars chief people & communications officer Laurent Choain commented: “The main aim of most web television channels is to promote their sponsor. In keeping with our position as an influential challenger in the audit industry, we thought it would be more useful to create a unique space for open expression and honest discourse. The Next CFO hopes to make an original and contemporary contribution to the discussion on the future of the CFO.”