Global firm Mazars and US firm Weiser have
completed a merger after more than 90% of partners voted in favour
of the proposal. The firm will now operate in the US as Weiser

Mazars is now represented in 56 countries by
about 12,500 professionals and more than 680 partners. Weiser
Mazars, based in the North East of the US, has 74 partners, 650
people and $135 million in annual revenue.

Weiser has been one of Mazars’ three joint
venture partners in the US for the past 10 years. The other two are
the large West Coast firm Moss Adams and BKD, a top 10 US firm that
covers the central and southern states.

Mazars, Weiser, Moss Adams and BKD are all
also part of Praxity Global Alliance.

The joint venture meant Weiser and Mazars were
already working closely together and had dual status partners and
dedicated teams bridging the two firms.

As a globally integrated and profit sharing
organisation, Mazars was previously reluctant to re-enter the US
market due to the litigious and high risk environment.

Mazars chairman and chief executive Patrick de
Cambourg said Mazars is not risk adverse, but is careful of
managing risk.

“Ten years have gone past and we have found in
our Weiser partners people who are very, very careful,” he said,
pointing out that both firms have “unblemished track records”.

Weiser chairman and managing partner Douglas
Phillips will join the Mazars global executive.

Phillips said the merger suited Weiser because
the alliance model was insufficient at the global level.

“[The alliance model] was sufficient in less
complex times,” he added.

De Cambourg said it is too early to say
whether Mazars will merge with Moss Adams, BKD or other Praxity

“The market has not stabilised, the evolution
of the market is far from finished,” he said. “We have an open