Leading Edge Alliance Global (LEA) has appointed Erica Ishida to the association’s newly created position of CEO.

Ishida has begun working with the association’s president Karen Kehl-Rose who has held the position since the associations founding in 1999. Kehl-Rose is due to retire December 31 2018 but will assist in the transition until June 2019.

Ishida has worked in a range of industries including, professional services, technology, telecommunications and venture development.

LEA offers accounting, audit, tax, and consulting services through its 226 member firms and operates in 110 countries.

LEA’s chairman Michael Newton said: “Erica’s skillset and experience will be on display as part of the LEA’s training and coaching ad best practices initiatives. She will lead and/or participate in member groups consisting of young professionals, young leaders, women leaders and newly-minted managing partners.

“Karen has been with LEA since day one, having worked with LEA founder and accounting industry leader Gary Shamis to have grown LEA from a hand-full of like-minded firms in 1999 to the organisation that now spans 110 countries and whose annual revenue, on combined basis, tops $3bn.

“Karen’s commitment to quality, tirelessness and her ‘connection’ skills have set the tone for the organisation. Erica’s role is to now move us forward in a different direction while building off the base that Karen forged in over 19 years as its president.”

The association’s search committee that selected Ishida was represented by members of its international board.