Kreston regroups its Latin
American firms

Kreston International has reunited its firms in the Caribbean,
Central and South America into a single Latin America group
following two years of experimentation to find the right regional

Until 2005, Kreston’s Latin America group included all firms
from Mexico in the north to Cape Horn at the bottom of South
America. The Mexican firms were then grouped with Kreston’s North
American firms for a period. When this didn’t work, a separate
region called Central America/Caribbean was formed.

The Central America/Caribbean region has now been reunited with
South America to help facilitate Kreston’s current expansion plans
in Central America, where it is close to signing on firms in
Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and El Salvador. New firms in those
locations will result in Kreston having coverage in all Latin
American countries except Venezuela and Costa Rica, where a search
for members is ongoing.

“The more we target Central America, the more it makes cultural
sense for the Spanish-speaking world south of the USA to be in a
single group,” Kreston executive director Jon Lisby told
IAB. “The decision we made to split [the group in 2005] obviously worked very successfully and enabled Mexico to develop,
but now we would like the whole process extended within Latin

Kreston’s representation in Mexico has “totally flourished” in the
past two years, making it one of the association’s “real success
stories”, Lisby explained. In two years the association has grown
from having five firms in Mexico to 21. There are six other Mexican
firms applying for membership.

Kreston’s Mexican members are moving towards becoming a network of
firms within the Kreston association, Lisby said. “It’s a very
sensitive issue at the moment when things move from being an
association to being a network, but I think that very shortly
[Kreston will have] 27 firms in Mexico, which would be well inside
the top ten, working together so closely that we will have a
Kreston Mexico network,” Lisby explained.

There are other networks developing within the Kreston association.
Late last year Kreston recruited Exco France – 23 firms that Lisby
said are “undisputedly a network within France”. Other networks are
developing in Australia, Denmark and possibly the

The director of the new Kreston Latin America is Alejandro Isás of
the Mexican firm Isás y Asociados Públicos. Lisby said Isás is
probably Mexico’s leading specialist in transfer pricing and,
because of the international nature of that business line, he has
strong international contacts. “He is a very valuable member for us
because he is assisting our growth by locating high-quality
individuals and firms around the world to support Kreston,” Lisby

Jorge Papantos has retired from his position as Kreston’s regional
secretary for South America. An initial team that will assist
developing the new group’s strategy comprises Cesar Ramos of
Brazil, Miguel Del Olmo of Mexico, Mario Velasco of Guatemala and
Frank Sanchez of Puerto Rico.

The first conference of the reformed Kreston Latin American is
being held in San Diego, Chile, at the end of March.

Carolyn Canham