Sanjay Thakkar, head of deal advisory at KPMG UK has taken a leave of absence. The news that he has stepped down follows press reports just a few days earlier that two senior female partners at the firm had resigned in protest over KPMG’s handling of a misconduct inquiry.

Although Mr. Thakkar had not been named as the individual involved in original reporting, his name was subsequently linked to the allegations of bullying by a number of press outlets.

When the news of Maggie Brereton’s and Ina Kjaer’s resignations was first revealed, KPMG reported that the senior partner involved had apologised and agreed to a programme of coaching in leadership.

However, it appears that further complaints have been and that Mr. Thakkar has agreed to take a leave of absence while a further investigation takes place. KPMG says the new allegations were reported to the firm’s leadership last week.

Melanie Richards, Deputy Chair of KPMG UK and partner in corporate finance, has assumed the role of acting head of deal advisory with immediate effect.