KPMG South Africa CEO Nhlamulo Dlomu has left the South African firm to take up a global position.

Dlomu, who has held the position of CEO for just over a year as the firm battles to rebuild trust in the country, is to take up a new role working with KPMG’s global chairman Bill Thomas and the global management team on organisational culture change and ethical leadership.

KPMG South Africa’s board has decided to employ the next CEO from outside of the firm in an effort to rebuild trust.

In the meantime, Wiseman Nkuhlu will serve as executive chairman until a successor is found.

Nkhulu said: “We have, under Nhlamu’s leadership, already taken many steps to improve the firm, and we need to do more. The challenges facing our industry have grown and we are focused on appointing a candidate who will help further restore confidence in KPMG in this changed environment. I have great faith in the strengths of KPMG and our ability to play a positive role in South Africa.”

Dlomu commented: “It has been a huge privilege to lead KPMG this past year. Although it has been challenging, we have managed to stabilise the business. This would not have been achieved without the loyalty of our clients, the commitment of KPMG partners and staff, as well as the invaluable input of the business community, civil society and the larger South African public.

KPMG South Africa’s reputation has been marred by a wave of scandals over the last year or so following allegations of corruption in regards to the work it conducted for the controversial Gupta family’s businesses.

KPMG has suffered continued to suffer from the fallout; losing a range of clients including Barclays Group Africa, been banned from public sector auditing, and faced and exodus of staff.

Dlomu has said that she will support the firm during the transitionary period.