KPMG has severed its links with its Iranian
member firm Bayat Rayan following pressure from US lobby group
United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).

In a letter to KPMG chairman Timothy Flynn,
UANI president Mark

Wallace wrote that companies must choose
between doing business with the US and with Iran.

In response, KPMG stated: “As a result of
serious and escalating concerns expressed by UANI and others about
the current regime in Iran, KPMG International has terminated Bayat
Rayan’s membership in the KPMG network, effective 30 March

“Bayat Rayan is no longer a member firm or
affiliated with KPMG. 

“As a result, the KPMG network no longer has
any member firm in Iran.”

Pressure from UANI and other lobby groups and
impending Congressional sanctions legislation has prompted other
companies on the lobby group’s target list to sever Iranian

The Congressional sanctions legislation could
bar companies dealing with Iran from receiving US federal

The UANI hopes that other organisations will
find it difficult to operate in Iran without a Big Four firm
legitimising their Iran based activities.