KPMG has furthered its partnership with Microsoft to provide data and analytics services, including in cloud computing, to clients globally.

The agreement marks an expansion of the existing relationship between the two, under which KPMG advises businesses on how to use Microsoft products, including its Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) cloud service.

According to the latest partnership, the two businesses will jointly deliver new software and IT services "to develop and deploy solutions and services that will help address the disruptive challenges topping the board agenda today."

Such services will be provided on the basis of Microsoft’s Azure, Dynamics and data platforms and include unifying clients’ platforms for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, as well as data and analytics.

Microsoft will in turn benefit from insight gained by KPMG "as a trusted advisor to the C-suite".

According to KPMG, the collaboration with Microsoft will allow its clients to increase performance and productivity as well as benefiting from the "compliance and transformation offerings" presented by the tech giant’s cloud software.

In terms of business solutions, KPMG said it would be deploying Microsoft’s software for customer relationship management, focusing on developing "industry-specific solutions and services to serve the needs of companies in key industries."

Commenting on the partnership, KPMG global head of IT advisory Bryan Cruickshank said: "The real point of difference in this collaboration is our ability to set new standards for innovative business solutions, enabled by Microsoft’s leading platform and application suite, delivered rapidly to market to create real business value."