KPMG US has signed a partnership agreement
with IT operations automation service provider ServiceNow to assist
companies to transform their IT activities.

KPMG will provide implementation support
services, process design, process integration and IT organisational
change consulting for ServiceNow enterprise customers.

ServiceNow will introduce a StartNow service,
which combines traditional project management standards with a more
modern, iterative approach focused on accelerating

StartNow  packaged services include best
practice workshops; packaged implementations designed to
consolidate legacy systems as additional applications are deployed;
technical reviews designed to identify risks early and improve
delivery success; and a point-in-time check of implementation
health designed to align the project or program to best

ServiceNow vice president Jimmy Fitzgerald
said its firm has been scaling professional services staff and
programs enterprise as IT organisations are struggling with legacy
software products and services that are broken and expensive.

“In addition, we are building our service
provider ecosystem with enterprise-class organizations such as KPMG
to help us scale and deliver a successful business outcome,
quickly,” Fitzgerald said.