Alastair McLeish will become the KPMG UK head of tax and
pensions on 1 July.

McLeish is currently head of people services at KPMG UK. In his
new role, he succeeds Sue Bonney, who is the head of tax at KPMG
Europe and will continue to work with the UK tax practice.

“[McLeish] has built our highly successful
pensions advisory business, which is now acknowledged as the market
leader in advising corporates and has run the rest of our people
services business over the last 18 months,” KPMG Europe chief
operating officer Richard Bennison said.

“Our pensions business is now so large and successful that we
have decided to change the name of our overall tax practice from
tax and people services to tax and pensions to reflect the
significance of this service line. Alastair will bring a fresh
perspective to the tax leadership role.”

Jane McCormick has been selected to head corporate tax at KPMG