KPMG International has named Mark Britnell as
global head of healthcare.

Britnell is in charge of KPMG’s global
healthcare strategy, which involves establishing regional centres
of excellence across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Britnell has more than 20 years of leadership
experience in the international healthcare sector and has served on
the management board of the UK’s National Health Scheme. He was
previously the director general for commissioning and system
management in the UK Department of Health and has lead KPMG’s
healthcare practice in the UK and Europe since 2009.

“Our new global strategy reflects the fact
that healthcare systems around the world are facing similar
challenges – offering better quality of services at lower costs,”
Britnell said.

“We are convinced that healthcare systems
around the world can rise to the challenge by sharing new and
innovative approaches.”

KPMG plans to appoint 15 partners to its
global healthcare team over the next year.