On 1 August 2019 Andrew Walker will take over as CEO of Scottish accountancy firm Jognston Carmichael. He replaces Sandy Manson, who has held the role for 12 years, during which time the business has grown revenues from £18m ($22.8m) to £49m ($62.2m). The firm employs 800 people across 12 locations.

Mason moves up to become chair and head of client service. The firm’s current chair Andrew Shepherd, stepping down after eight years in the role, will continue with the firm in a client facing role as well as supporting the development of the next generation of talent.

Since joining the business in 2003 and becoming managing partner of the Aberdeen office in 2007, Andrew Walker has also been a member of the firm’s board for 11 years.  Most recently he established the firm’s newest office in Dundee to support the city’s burgeoning technology and life sciences sector, worth over £200 million to the economy.