The EFRAG General Assembly has renewed the mandate of Jean-Paul Gauzès as EFRAG board [resident and Andreas Barckow as EFRAG board vice-president.

The European Commission, after consulting with the Council and the European Parliament, has given the two men a second three-year term beginning on 1 July 2019. Gauzès will also continue his work as Chair of the European Lab Steering Group. Jean Paul Gauzès is a French lawyer. As an MEP from 2004 until 2014, he was a member of ECON Committee (Economic and Monetary Affairs) and later the ECON coordinator for the European People’s Party.

Gauzès said: “This second mandate will allow me to continue EFRAG’s important work on financial and corporate reporting in serving the public interest. We have a significant and challenging agenda with IFRS 17, our research agenda and the projects of the European Corporate Reporting Lab, which EFRAG established following the request in the March 2018 EC Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. I am very pleased that Andreas Barckow has been reappointed as EFRAG Board vice president and appreciate his support on EFRAG’s technical activities.”