Former UK firm RSM Robson Rhodes and its audit
partner Glyn Williams will face the Accountancy & Actuarial
Discipline Board (AADB) in October in relation to the audit of
hospital software provider iSoft.

RSM Robson Rhodes, now part of Grant Thornton,
was iSoft’s auditor from 2003-2005. Deloitte took over as iSoft’s
auditor in 2006.

In December 2006, iSoft declared in its half
yearly report that possible accounting irregularities had come to
light. It appeared that some revenues reported in 2003/04 and
2004/05 may have been recognised earlier than they should have

The AADB banned former iSoft financial
controller Ian Storey from the Institute of Chartered
Accountants in England and Wales for eight years and fined him
£20,000 ($30,000) in March 2010.

Storey admitted that on several occasions
between November 2003 and November 2005 he gave misleading
information about an iSoft contract to iSoft auditors.

RSM Robson Rhodes was also investigated by the
UK Accountancy Investigation and Discipline Board (AIDB) following
the discovery of the accounting irregularities.