Integra International Inc. has admitted ten new member firms: IL Management, Frontline Accounting, NAS Chartered Accountants, KGRN Accounting Associates, KMF Auditing Company Limited, DFV Tax and Business Advisors, Independent Accountants and Advisors, BATT & Associates, Corporate Analyst and Consultant and RS Financial Services

IL Management Gestao Empresarial Limited is located in São Paulo, Brazil.  Headed by Lukas Rhomberg, the firm provides a one stop solution offering accounting and financial management, and fiduciary services.  Legal services are provided by FCR Law and they have 8 partners and 39 staff in 2 offices.

Frontline Philippines Pty is located in Manila, Philippines. Headed by CEO Mark Cottle, they provide premium offshore services to solve capacity issues for Accounting Firms. They’ve built an offshore model for their own Australian CA firm, Frontline Accounting, that is being successfully duplicated in dozens of other firms around the world.

NAS Chartered Accountants is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Shefeek Salim is Director, serving the industries with consultation and training on Tax and Audit, covering the biggest public sector companies in India and major private sector companies and SMEs in the UAE with 12 staff.

KGRN Accounting Associates is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded by Gopu Rama Naidu with a proactive approach, they offer valued services to customers providing more efficient management of finance in term of tax advices, reducing costs, increasing cash flow and control of the entire business. There are two partners and 23 staff.

KMF Auditing Company Limited is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Headed by Chanh Tran, they have an independent collaboration model with more than 20 experienced professionals in this field, specialising in auditing, accounting, tax and consulting for foreign and domestic organizations.

DFV Tax and Business Advisors is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Daniel Figueroa is the founder and CFO of DFV Tax Advisory and has over 10 years of experience in full-service accounting and is a leader in innovation with a commitment to service and quality. There is one partner and 10 staff.

Independent Accountants and Advisors is located in Ankara, Turkey.  IA offers services primarily for foreign capital organisations and companies. With its accounting, payroll and business consulting services, the firm also offers tax and legal consulting services for international clients.  Headed by Öznur Öztürk, the firm has 3 partners and 19 staff.

BATT & Associates has several offices in France, including Neufchâteau, Nancy, Paris, Dombasle, Vittel, Custines, Epinal, Metz, and Bruyères.  The firm has specialised teams headed by Olivier Lefebvre, 18 partners and 250 staff.

Corporate Analyst and Consultant is located in Delhi, India. Managing Partners is Mr. Veneet Gupta leads a frontrunner firm having diversified experience and providing an array of professional services.  There are 6 partners 110 staff.

RS Financial Services Inc. is located in Bridgetown, Barbados.  Founded by Mr. Roger Sparrock, the firm is one of the leading providers of services to business in Barbados.  They provide audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services.

Integra International Chair Brian Hunter attributes the Association’s phenomenal growth to the outstanding work of our Membership Manager, Cheslav Denissenko, who is able to locate and promote Accounting and Advisory firms around the world that are poised for growth and expansion.