Horwath International has admitted one of the largest firms in
the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established in 1981, Horwath Mak
has 18 offices and 350 staff, which includes 250 staff and 13
office locations in the UAE. It also has offices in Iran and

The firm was previously a member of AGN International but opted
to join Horwath International when AGN decided to be classified as
an association of independent firms. Horwath Mak director Zayd
Maniar told IAB: “AGN no longer wished to be a network, it
became an association, so if you are an association you cannot have
common branding, [whereas] networks can. At Horwath we can use
Horwath Mak, but if we stay at AGN we would have to lose ‘AGN’. The
market might see the [brand] as something we have lost rather than
something we have been forced to give up.”

Horwath International chief executive Frank Arford said the
addition of Horwath Mak is in line with the network’s global
strategic plan.

Riding a crest

Horwath Mak has more than 3,000 clients and half of those are
medium-sized entities. Although it does not specialise in serving
any particular sector, the firm is currently riding on the crest of
Dubai’s economic boom. It has a broad spectrum of clients in
industries ranging from gold refinery to foreign exchange.

The firm is directed by an executive committee led by Khalid
Maniar, Krishnamurthy, James Mathew, Mago JB Singh, Davis
Kallukaran and Atik Munshi.

Describing the firm’s position in the Dubai market, Maniar said
Horwath Mak is positioned just below the Big Four. Although
PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG are the largest firms in the region
in terms of work force, IAB understands Horwath Mak is not
too much smaller in size than the smallest of the Big Four.

Maniar believes membership in Horwath International will provide
the firm with support, quality and referral work. He said the firm
has been growing annually at a steady rate and predicts this trend
will continue.

Arvind Hickman