HLB International is likely to adopt a
federation of firms approach in the UK following the collapse of
its previous member Vantis this month.

The global network confirmed it is in talks
with a number of UK firms and will pursue coverage through multiple

HLB International chief executive Rob Tautges
told the International Accounting Bulletin HLB
International has already received several enquiries from firms
interested in joining but will not be rushed into making

“That really tells us the HLB International
brand value truly does have value inside the UK and so we have been
in contact with a number of firms,” Tautges added.

“Our approach right now is to speak to a
number of different candidates with the idea of forming a
federation. Vantis was previously the sole UK member of HLB and
from my perspective I believe a federation gives us more strength
and it has worked brilliantly in other countries. It gives us the
ability to have better geographic coverage and an important feature
is security if any single firm, for whatever reason, drops out of
the network you have continuous coverage in that country.”

Tautges said the type of firms the network
considers is likely to have the following qualities:

connections to the international business community;

coverage of major business centres;

fit HLB’s quality assurance profile;

value HLB’s Forum of Firms membership;

outward looking;

responsive to referral opportunities.

Tautges added that quality of firm was a more
important than size.