Award-winning practising psychiatrist to London’s c-suite and mentor to Lloyds bank CEO, Dr Stephen Pereira launches Helix Resilience – a one of a kind neuroscience-based employee resilience platform

Unlike existing offerings on the market, Helix Resilience is backed by world-class science and innovation and has been created by a team of practising clinicians in neuroscience, psychiatry, and computing.

Poor mental health and ‘presenteeism’ in the corporate workplace is an issue which costs the economy £45 billion each year. And is an issue which is only going to grow, with the implications of lockdown on mental wellbeing starting to show and ‘returner anxiety’ reported to be emerging. Having practised both in the NHS and in a private clinic, Dr Pereira was fed up of seeing mental health and wellbeing being treated as a tickbox exercise for many large finance and business corporations and knew that Employee Assistance Programmes simply weren’t adequate, and so Helix was born.

The platform is built on the fundamental principle of embedding resilience into the DNA of all organisations. Resilience is embedded through the bespoke social, psychological and physical interventions on the platform which uniquely covers everyone from C-suite leaders to the most junior employees.  Helix Resilience combines neuroscience with advanced digital technology including gamification, chatbots, AI, and machine learning.