Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) has appointed two independent directors to its Board of Governors.

Aliza Knox, head of Asia Pacific region at Cloudflare Inc, assumed her role 1 June 2019. She is a digital media and financial services executive with international marketing and management experience, including at Google and Twitter, and professional services experience, including roles at Boston Consulting Group, Charles Schwab and Bankers Trust.

Martin Geh, who starts 1 July 2019, is the managing director for hardware at Google Asia Pacific, where he is responsible for leading market development and growth strategies. He has worked for Apple, Intel, Logitech and Lucent.

The appointments will increase regional diversity on the board with both new directors based in Singapore – one of Grant Thornton’s ‘strategic cities’ under the Strategic Growth Market programme announced by GTL CEO Peter Bodin last year. Singapore is a gateway for international trade and investment and plays a central role as a hub to the ASEAN economic block, which is projected to become the world’s largest by 2050. Asia Pacific was also one of Grant Thornton’s fastest growing regions last year, delivering stand-out growth of 18.7%.

Knox and Geh join Judith Sprieser as independent directors, taking the total number of board members to 17. The board is the principal and overriding authority in Grant Thornton and is responsible for approving the network’s strategic direction and policies and overseeing the implementation of the global strategy. Each appointment is for a term of three years.